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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Medium Mike

For as long as I can remember I have struggled to get clothes that fit.

For years, previously,  I could walk into a shop, pick up an article labelled as "small" and usually it would fit perfectly.

Something has changed in recent years.

I have not put weight on, I haven't grown and my measurements remain the same.

However, I now find that clothes labelled as "small" bury me. That is if I can find any such labels. Shops such as Marks & Spencer's no monger have my sizes on display - I have to order them.

This may be an anomaly, but this all changed on Tuesday.

Whilst shopping for walking clothes in Ambleside, I spotted a fleece that I have coveted for some time. I found one on the sale rail at a drastically reduced price - but it was a "medium".

Amazingly it fit me perfectly, so I bought it!

Have elastic tape measures disappeared?
Have I suddenly grown a couple of inches?

Or could it be that the manufacturers of walking clothes do not need to give the false impression to purchasers that they have not put on weight?

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