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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Happy New Year

We are into the first week of 2013 and, as is the custom, it's time to look back at the old year and look forward to the new.

To simply matters I've compiled a list as follows:

2012 The Good

Bradley's Yellow Jersey
Queen's Jubilee
Olympic Torch
Gaining 2 new seats for Lib Dems in Southport
My ward colleague Maureen being reelected
The weather in early spring
Gaining temporary employment
Our new kitchen and wood burner
Holiday in France
Holiday in Scotland

2012 The Bad

Holiday in Scotland
The weather in summer
Having to pay for new kitchen and wood burner
Losing my position on Sefton's cabinet
Losing control of Sefton to Labour
End of temporary employment
Man City winning the Premiership
Having to sell my beloved Land Rover
The death of my neighbour and good friend, Reg

2013 Things To Look Forward To

Getting my motorbike back on the road
Another holiday in France
Better weather
No elections
Man United to win the Premiership
Man United to win the Champions League
Rediscover cycling and birdwatching
Getting back to full fitness
Finding new employment

Winning the lottery!

I trust that all who read this have had a good Christmas break and that you too are looking forward to 2013 whist saying goodbye to 2012. Although my list isn't complete the Goods beat the Bads 11:9, so despite my general negative feeling for the year it can't have been that bad really.

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