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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Bad Back but Good Email

I put my back out on Friday and haven't left the house since. It's been that bad that this is the first time I've been able to sit at my computer since Friday morning(which is unheard of if you know me well). Even more painful was having to watch the Coronation St omnibus as I could find nothing better to watch. Claire was out for the day so I had to fend for myself and my survival diet consisted of anything I could reach without bending down; cereals, toast and a pizza(pizza was quite a challenge as I had to hobble into the garage where we keep our freezer).

I'm blaming Cllr Fred Weavers. We were at Jane's Brook street games on Friday. Fred suggested we join in with a game of football. I did, I enjoyed it, I didn't score but I did put my back out.

Courageously I played on to the end and equally courageously I didn't use my injury as an excuse for my poor form on the field. We had a medicinal pint after and I went home to a hot bath and the promise of an agonising morning after.

True to form Saturday saw me hobbling around with on old walking stick. Biggest challenge of the day was to bring in the 2 pints of milk without dropping them.

Sunday's challenge(today) has been to empty the dishwasher. I succeeded but it took best part of the day.
Claire's arrival with painkillers has finally led to my improved state and a seat here at the computer.

My teachers used to tell me that every cloud has a silver lining and I found my lining on Saturday morning. I couldn't reach the computer but my mobile was at hand and I could read my emails.

I received an email from a resident (who shall remain nameless) that brought back my faith in human nature and almost deadened the pain in my back.

As a councillor I receive dozens of emails and letters from concerned residents many of whom have a complaint to make, a cry for help or a mission to persue. Saturday's email was a rarity for me, a congratulatory message which ratified and endorsed one of my less than popular decisions.

I know, and I keep reminding myself, that it is often the vocal minority that write to the papers and post messages on dubious websites. I also know that the vast majority of Southport's residents are relatively happy with life in their local communities. I have learnt to accept the fact that happy people do not pass on their happiness to their local councillor. But on Saturday I was pleased to receive a message that brought a smile to my face to remove the grimace that went before it.

My 10 minutes is up, time to hobble again.

My heartfelt thanks go to "Mr X".

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